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Re: Clogged duct & mastitis

Sometimes a persistently clogged duct is a sign of a low-grade mastitis that does, in fact, need antibiotics and/or some fluconazole. It's frustrating, but still better than being in pain for a whole year, plus it flares up and HURTS!

This has happened to me with both kids (persistent plugged duct, no fever, keeps getting clogged over and over). I tried cutting out sugar entirely, probiotics, lecithin, heat, you name it. In the end the only thing that helped was about a MONTH of antibiotics and fluconazole. I'm not saying you'll find this necessary, but sometimes it is.

If your doctor is unfamiliar with how to treat low-grade chronic mastitis, Dr. Anne Eglash in Wisconsin is our local expert. He or she might be able to consult with her. Dr. Jack Newman in Canada also has a help line.

Good luck!
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