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My vba2c baby-Welcome LaKia Gesine!

Just thought I would share my successful vbac story for those out there considering vbacs or looking for encouragement!
I had my Dr. appt on Wed. August 15. Dr. mentioned decrease rate of success for vbac's if I went overdue. That day I was 39 weeks by the Drs EDD, and 39 weeks +2 days by my calculations. He didn't check for dilation or effacement, but said we would do it next appt, along with possibly stripping membranes. So I made another appt for the next week.
I went home, and cleaned like crazy. I didn't dare to quite call it nesting- it was all stuff I had intended to get done in the past weeks. DH was working with a crew about 1 1/2 hours away, but said he was coming home that evening until baby was born. In the back of my mind I knew it was a good thing, but didn't want to get him excited. He got home about 10:30 PM. His boss for the job (who is his cousin) said this weekend would be a great baby time so he could come back and help work in 1 1/2 weeks when they needed him. I was uncomfortable and couldn't get to sleep very well.
I woke up about 1:30 with what I was sure was a 'real contraction'. About 1:45 AM I decided to quit being lazy and to time them. First one was 7 min apart, about 1 min long. They got closer really fast, and by 2:45, they were about 3 min apart, lasting 1 min. long. I woke up DH, and we did last minute packing, and brought the DD and DS to Grandpa and Grandmas (1/4 mi away). The hospital we got to the hospital about 4 AM, and our doula met us there. By the time we got thru the paperwork, and IV in (GBS positive), and some fetal monitoring done, it was soon 5 AM, and I was getting really sick of all the hospital stuff, and working on concentrating on the contractions which were getting much stronger and closer. I kept asking to go to the whirpool, but that wasn't working out w/ the monitoring, and dr coming. About 6 AM my water broke. The contractions were getting much more painful, and in my mind I was starting to doubt wether I could do it. (DD was C/S after labor, 3x suction, and that Dr. said she wouldn't go thru my pelvis.) I didn't voice it, but I was really thinking a C/S would be easier. The nurses had just checked me, and said I was 8 cm, but a couple contractions later, I started pushing. I felt sooo much pressure on my pelvis, I was starting to worry, but about that time after a couple pushes, they were saying they seen a head FULL of hair! That was sooo ecouraging!
So 3 hours after arriving at the hospital, at 7:10 AM, she was born. DH was so overwhelmed that it was sucessful, he was very choked up. I was the determinded on the whole pregnancy, even when the hospital nurse asked if I thought I was going to need a C/S this time too. In the end, it was the faith my DH and doula had in ME that made me go thru with it, even w/o pain meds.
I had some tearing, but recovery is SOOOO much better than a C/S! When family came that morning, they all couldn't belive how good I looked.
There were many people that doubted me, some thought I was crazy and a C/S was an easy way to deliver, and some thought I was risking me and my baby's life/health, but I would do it again in a heartbeat!

LaKia Gesine (long I sound in LaKia, and Gesine is pronounced Jes-seen) stats- 7#, 3 oz, 20" long. Chest and head- 13". She is nursing like a Hoover and lost less than 1 oz. of her birth weight. She is such a good baby- she didn't even cry a lot after birth. Her big sister is the proudest little peacock you ever did see!
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