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Re: Rh- with positive antibody screen pp...

Originally Posted by momomom View Post
yes, the shot is for cases like mine, but after 4 births, this is the only 1 to come back positive, so i feel worried. my midwife (cnm) did say that they see false positives relatively frequently, hence the retest at 6 months pp. Mostly I was just wondering if anyone on here had the 72 hour test come back a false positive, as I have never b4 heard of that being common.

OP, really sorry about your friend. I am against vaccines as prophylaxis, but in the case of an rH- mommy, the shot really is a blessing of modern medicine.

The negative blood type is becoming more rare, so much so that I have heard/ read that it should disappear within 2 generations.
I don't have any advice since I haven't had a positive antibody test, but I am in the same camp as you and feel that the Rhogam is worth it, at least for me. DD1 was RH+ and I had to get a second round of Rhogam while still in the hospital, but DD2 was RH- and I did not. Hopefully you can talk to your doctor and get some answers about the future.
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