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Sunshine Cloth Diapers ~ Where Hippies are ALWAYS welcomed!

Hey mamas!

This is Deja.
I'm a mama to one little Sunshine named Jaylen!

My love of cloth diapering, sent me spiraling into the world of creating my own!

Through 2.5 years of tweaking, and maturing, I came into Sunshine Cloth Diapers with the hopes of spreading rays of sunshine everywhere with my work!!

I make OneSize AI2, fluffy keychains and Onesize Pocket Diapers

The AI2s start at 24.50 and the Pockets at 20.00
Keychains are usually included with every diaper purchased!

Here are some examples of AI2s I've done recently:

Customs are so much fun!!
Email me or PM me with any questions!!

Don't forget to LIKE us On Facebook!!!
Sunshine Cloth Diapers, All in Ones and MORE!

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