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Originally Posted by Leanbh
OMG, just seeing this and agreeing that very gross. My thought also through this thread was how on earth did the "bits" get stuck there/left in wash.

So I'm thinking either:

A - weren't sprayed or dunked correctly if there was that much, as in a few dipes. If it were one lone piece then I could maybe oversee it but not be happy of course.

B- maybe it's not poop and it was just left in the wash from previous wash? I know last week I was unloading the washer and found a few mystery food pieces. Well turns out it was the bumkins bib that has a pocket. I tend to bring the bibs for laundry asap and throw in the wash so they don't stain etc. So I think some food was still left in the pocket part of the bib as LO drops half his food when eating. He had grapes cut up btw!! So that's what got me thinking it may not be poop, but as she didn't deny that it was then I don't know?

I suppose all sorts of scenario's as pp said about a DH washing and then you thinking they were fine.

Did the dipes have a picture of them open in the listing? Most people do a photo of the open dipes too(at least I do).
No, and it's on the tabs. So in pictures you wouldn't see. The laundry tabs are worthless but hold long enough for a picture, lol. That could be it. I think in total, 9 diapers had at least one tab with 'something' in the tabs. Some very brown and poop looking, others partly brown and starting to get white. I guess we can never be sure. Whatever it was was Rock hard, like old poop gets. Scraping it out wasn't easy. Very stuck in there. So weird!!! I shoulda mailed it back and said 'you forgot this in your diapers!' I would never, but the thought made me LOL
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