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Originally Posted by 1healthylady
Oh, I'm out of the corporate world, thank God. I had my fill for 4 years. It got to the point I would come home crying almost every night. I work at the University of Florida now in the dean's office for the College of Ag. So really I work for the state. I've been there almost 2 years and still love it. I'm secretary for one of the Associate Deans so I help with planning events and there's a lot of paperwork involved too - some good like scholarship awards, some not so good like probation letters. The people I work with are just good people. I'll get 3 months off work for leave. UF allows up to 6 months, guaranteeing you can keep your job, but I don't have that much leave time accrued and the bills aren't going to stop when baby comes. My boss loves babies and has already offered me her office to pump in and her mini fridge to store my milk in when I get back. I really couldn't ask for a better job.

I'm just feeling kinda crummy this afternoon. The cramping started and hasn't really let up, and I've had a headache all afternoon. I just feel very blah. I left work a few minutes early so I could catch the early bus instead of waiting another half hour. Really wasn't up to that today. I hate reduced schedule when classes aren't in session. Still beats paying for gas, fighting traffic every day and dealing with parking tho.

Hope all the new mamas are enjoying your new little ones. I can't believe we're halfway through august now! Anyone know how many babies we've had so far?

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That is cool that you work for UF! I got my undergrad and grad degrees there! We live in Orlando now. Go gators

AFM... Still pregnant! Sooooo much pressure, she is really low and it feels like she is head butting my tailbone. Ouch!!!!
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