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Re: Tired of drinking water-BORING!

Originally Posted by Mama*Kim View Post
When I was pregnant with DS1, I got really dehydrated. My doctor made me swear that drink 3qts a day which was pure torture for some reason. I've never been that bad about drinking water, but I just hated it at that point.

I bought a gallon size pitcher and filled it to 3 qts every morning. I sliced up some kind of fruit at threw it in for flavor. Berries were great, oranges and limes were nice too. Just having some kind of flavor made it so much easier to drink.

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Such a great idea - THANKS That might help if I have it out & see what I have to drink.

I recently read that keeping a shotglass by the kitchen sink is a good idea & you should drink a shot of water each time you pass by.
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