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Originally Posted by Mamaleah
He emailed me back this morning and offered 2 options.

He will give me a $25 refund and I just keep the Buzz.
~ I kind of like this idea because I can clean up all the gross dust on him and maybe see if I can fix him...then sell him to make a little more of my money back.

He will give me the $36 refund when I ship it back to him and he receives it in the mail
~I am still out the money of returning it to him.

Do you think he is just trying to see if I am scamming or something? I really don't think he wants it back in his possession...especially if it is broken. He wont be able to sell it for much, and I doubt he would try to fix it up.

Also, I didn't want to use my PP funds so I used my card. Will the refund go back on my card or to my PP account? I can't remember. It doesn't matter either way, but I want to make sure I know where to look for it.
It sounds like he's offering option 1 to avoid being out shipping and hassle of waiting for it to arrive, fixing, reselling, etc. A partial refund is easier than all of that. You will still be out your $11 shipping, but if you're okay with that and trying to fix the item yourself, then that's one solution.

Option 2 is standard return procedure. PayPal will make you pay return shipping with DC no matter whose fault the return was. Your only option at combating that is calling eBay and trying for a shipping refund.

I don't know how badly the item was misrepresented, so I can't say if personally I would be okay with essentially paying $11 for a broken/damaged item and trying to fix it myself. But ultimately, what you're comfortable with is all that matters.

I think the seller gave reasonable options.

ETA: When I paid with a card it went back to my PP account, and I then transferred the money to my card. It showed as a pending refund until cleared.

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