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Make That 9 Boy Pocket Diapers for $30 ppd!!!

I have a stack of TEN OS and Large boy pocket diapers I no longer need.

1. Snap converted BGOS 3.0 yellow (2) These have superficial snags and holes from the velcro removal...does not effect function!
2. Snap converted BGOS 3.0 clementine
3. Swaddlebees L, orange and blue dots VGUC TRADED
4. Preston pants Jungle Animals, black velour inner VGUC
5. Cute-In-Cloth Bacon and Eggs VGUC holes in cotton, none in PUL
6. Unknown bumblebee diaper, GUC wear on the cotton edges..superficial
7. BGOS 1.0, elastic and velcro replaced recently yellow
8. Happy Heineys Sea turtles holes in cotton, none in PUL. this is a Med, but still fit my large 2 year old.
9. Unknown Maker, Car print, hole in PUL in upper back, was still waterproof for me, but the life is limited.

Take them all for $35 ppd. this will be a great boost to someone just starting to use cloth!

First is an almost new zoo animal Mama made pocket. This was made by another mama and I finished it by adding the snaps. It has a microsuede inner, which I simply do not care for, so i only used it twice. Excellent condition, works great. $4 ppd Traded
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