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Re: Alright...I need a progress thread

Definately clothing is the big issue, without the clothes piles it's pretty tidy. I store our off season clothes in old qult/doona bags - they are clear with zips and sometimes handles so are easy to carry, see what's in them and they squish into little areas so that makes them better than plastic tubs sometimes (the tubs can take up a lot more room). Not sure about the US (I'm in Australia) but in our cheap shops (think you guys call them dollar stores?) hehe they sell similar bags for about $2 each.
I put all off season/too big/too small clothes in those and even under the bed makes a good place for them.
I haven't tried space bags because they are expensive here and I've heard they dont always last well.
I have cut all our clothes down to the bare minimum and agree with pp if the washing is going to be a hurdle I wouldnt worry about washing them unless they are really stained and grotty. Just donate them to get rid of them. Most people wash clothes they buy from op shops etc anyway.
Have a few hampers for dirty washing to collect in before washing and a different are to put them once clean. I dont always fold my clean washing honestly - sometimes I just group them (all of dd's together, all of dh's together etc) then chuck them straight in the drawers, at least that way they are put clean and put away and no-one can tell the aren't perfectly folded in the drawers. lol
But in the end the less clothing you have, the less you have to deal with so purge as much as you can. Goodluck
The changing table looks great!! Well done
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