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Re: c-section birth plan?

I have had 2 c-sections and will be having a thrid planned one witht his baby.

I have a specific plan in the sense that I want no drugs administered to relax me or that may make me less aware. I did this with my last and it worked well. My first they drugged me up till I was virtually unconcious for 4-6 hours and everyone had held my baby before I got to. Dad is to accompany baby to nursery and baby is to be brought directly to me after that in recovery. Noone is to hold baby besides dad and doctor until I get to hold the baby.

I want to nurse immediatly as soon as baby is in the room and want to meet with a lactation consultant immediatly to start scheduling a pump to be brought to my room to use when baby is not activly nursing. Milk comes in later/slower with C-sections and I want my child not to require supplementation to leave the hospital.

Barring there is no health issues this is my plan so far.
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