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Re: Alright...I need a progress thread

I know Walamrt has a few different brands of the 'space bags' and they do work. It may be overkill but if you find a storage bin size that works on your shelf, you can pick up the vacuum-bags and stack them in the storage bin so that cat doens't get them.

Also, looking at the picture of your closet, seems like you have your rod kinda right in the middle - there's a little storage under the clothes and a little storage above the shelf. It'll be a small project, but you could consider moving the rod up or down. If you move it down, make sure to measure so that most shirts/pants fit and have one 2-3' section tall for hanging dresses and suits. If you move it up then leave a little room between shelf and ceiling for shoebox size, shoes/purses, extra ties. Then you have 3-4 feet underneath the clothes for storage bins. That's my next project - repositioning my closet rod.
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