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Glue vs. staple closure?!?

I'm due in Dec. with baby #2 and will most likely be having a repeat c-sec. With DS, my OB used the glue closure method and I healed without any complications and my scar is very small and as pretty as a scar can be. We've since moved across the county and I'm under the care of a new OB practice. At my last appointment I asked what type of closure the OBs in this practice typically use and was told they do not use the glue method and do staples but not to worry because the staples generally are removed before leaving the hospital when you're still under heavy pain medication. When I questioned their reasoning, the OB said they don't have great success with the glue. Not only does the thought of staples terrify me but I've had a few friends who recently have had complications from this method that required re-opening the incision and daily dressing changes for weeks until the incision healed from the inside out (yuck!).

Has anyone ever been able to choose the closure type based on past personal success regardless of the doctors opinion/experience?

What type of closure did you end up with and were there any complications resulting from it?

Is this something worth changing OB practices over?
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