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Re: Rh- with positive antibody screen pp...

I'm Rh-, married to a homozygous Rh+ man, have carried 3 + babies and even though I've had Rhogam and Rhophylac, my last baby had a positive Coombs test at birth.

Originally Posted by momomom View Post

The negative blood type is becoming more rare, so much so that I have heard/ read that it should disappear within 2 generations.
I'm not sure where you got this information, but Rhesus factor negative blood types make up about 10 -14% of the US, and more in more homogenously Caucasian nations. It will take much longer thaan 2 generation to breed that out.

The Blood Types table includes too many references to post, so I took a shortcut and just posted the Wiki link.

As for pregnancy post-sensitization, medicine does have more tools than in the days when women might lose half a dozen babies to hemolytic disease of the newborn, fetal hydrops and other nasty stuff.

In a sensitized pregnancy, docs will continue with blood testing to determine if antibody levels are increasing. Amniocentesis & specialized ultrasound available in tertiary care centers can monitor anemia caused by destruction of the fetal RBCs. In bad cases there are of course intrauterine blood transfusions and post delivery transfusions.

I don't seem to turn up much accessible-to-laypeople information on how many sensitized pregnancies are uncomplicated (treatable newborn jaundice) vs complicated (transfusions or worse.)

Best of luck. I'll be facing the same questions soon.
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