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Possible C-Section

As of right now, I'm 25 weeks pregnant with DS2 and he is breech. He was transverse but flipped the wrong way lol I know he has plenty of time to turn head down BUT I'm preparing for every option (vaginal breech isn't an option for me personally from issues with DS1's birth). I'm a planner and it relaxes me.

What's normal with c-sections? I literally know nothing of them! The last person in my family to have one was my mother 22 years ago, and I'm sure times have changed since than and I'm avoiding googling.

I plan on asking my OB about my hospitals C-Section procedures at my next appointment but I want to know how recovery generally is, what kind of things should I get to help ease recovery? What should I bring to the hospital that would differ from a vaginal birth? I know C-Section mama's are in the hospital longer, and milk takes longer to come in, as of right now I'm still nursing DS1, should I pump when I notice my milk change in case I have issues nursing DS2? I want to avoid supplementing with formula (nothing wrong with it, but personal choice).

I know this is a long post, and I'm sure I'll have more questions but I need to go get DS1 ready to go! TIA!
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