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Re: Possible C-Section

Hmmm...well, recovery for me was very rough, but for some mamas it isn't. It's very individual. Most mamas on a planned c section get to stay awake, often on emergency they have to put you under. I was a planned csection whose epi didn't work right and they had to put me under. That part was the worst of it, if I have to have one again I will want to stay awake if possible. A belly band, post partum support band is a must. And take a pillow for the ride home. Holding it against your abdomen helps all the bumps in the road. No one told me that and I was in tears by the time we got home. The next summer I had abdominal surgery (not related to the csection) and the nurse told me to use a pillow, worked awesome. She said she always recommends it to csection moms and abdomen surgery, wish she had been my nurse the first round. It really helps you not be in as much pain as you get around. My milk did take a long time to come in, and since I had an 11 and a half lb baby whose blood sugar was all over the place I had no choice but to supplement with formula. Plan to have help at home. Vacuuming, loading dishes, and the washer or anything where you bend or strech is very hard the first month. Don't be afraid when people offer to help to actually give them something to do. I made that mistake. Also, when they tell you don't lift more than 10lbs, LISTEN to them. My baby was over that and they said I could lift him but not in the car seat. I tore my incision because at 2 weeks out I decided to bathe the dog and lifted a 70 lb doberman in to the tub. Dumb, dumb idea. I should have stuck to just the baby, That's all that comes to mind now. Honestly, a csection isn't the end of the world. I thought it was and cried and cried, but now I"m very at peace with it and am not even positive I would attempt a vbac if the conditions were right.
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