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Originally Posted by stlittleton
I wish that nurses and doctors were more educated on breastfeeding. They make you feel like crap, if you chose not to breastfeed, or if you want to supplement because you're having issues. Yet they can't seem to help you. The 2 days we were in the hospital, we never once got a proper latch. I told every nurse that would come in and check on us, that he wasn't latching, and if he did seem to latch on he'd fall asleep within 5 minutes and wasn't eating. No one seemed concerned at all. I never saw a lactation consultant, no one discussed pumping while we were there, or supplementing.. By the time we were to be discharged he was so hungry and frustrated that nothing we did would calm him down. Which doesn't make it any easier to get a proper latch.. Finally the doctor who discharged us, brought us some bottles. I'm so thankfully for her. She told me not to feel bad to offer him some formula to try to calm him down to help him latch, and set up an appointment with a lactation consultant for me. The pediatrician that was covering for his regular pediatrician made me feel like sh*t for that. He came in right after we'd giving him an oz! Only an oz of formula, and told me that I shouldn't be giving up so quickly, and that I should always try to bring him to the breast first before giving him formula. For one, this pediatrician was a man.. WTF! Two, he came into our room twice that morning both times while I was attempting to breastfeed, and my lo was screaming bloody murder.. It's not like I was giving up completely, my lo needed something in his stomach. And now only 4 weeks later, I have no milk, at all. I started pumping around the clock once we got home and was pumping 3 oz every 2 hours. Then one day I was only getting 1 oz every 2 hours. Then it as down to half an oz. I tried supplements to help increase my supply but nothing seemed to work.. It was a tough decision, and I still feel horrible for it but I stopped pumping almost a week ago now. I haven't leaked once since then, and my breasts haven't hurt at all. It's upsetting explaining to people why I'm not breastfeeding, especially when they don't seem to believe that's why I'm not breastfeeding..
Yup....this...not the peds part but the "why I'm not bf'ing" part...I am here with hurts to see other people feed their babies too...we've been bottle exclusive for about 2 weeks now and it was sooooo hard
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