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Re: Shoulder dystocia = c-section now?

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
Well, I am going to go against the grain a smidge here.

You have a history of babies getting bigger. You have a history of labor being difficult. You have a history of of at least one baby betting stuck. I don't think it's entirely unreasonable to consider that a vaginal delivery might potentially carry a few more risks for you this time around than the average mama. I am not a doc, I do not have experience with thousands of births, only my own 3 very non complicated births.

The thing is, no one else here is a doc either. There are very few if any women on this board who have the experience and training your doc does with having babies. Which means that the person most likely to have accurate knowledge of the risks involved is likely your doc, and not us on a message board.

That DOES NOT mean that I am IN ANY WAY suggesting you blindly follow your doc. Do your own research. Look up real medical information and statistics. It could be that there may be increased risks for you but that the increases are wrong. It could be your doc is right. It could be just a 50/50 crap shoot and your risks are equal. In the end, no one, not us not your doc not you, no one can truly predict how it will go, and it's really difficult to know that you are making the right choice or not.
Doctors can and do lie to get what they want. My OB with my second lied to me. His insistence on a c section almost cost my son his life.

I was a translater for a woman desiring a vbac. Her incision was suspected to be the old style so vertical. Doctors and nurses alike kept telling me to tell her she and baby would without question die without an immediate c-section. Not only didn't she get the section neither she nor baby died nor suffered complications. The birth went smoothly. It was pretty much a by the book birth. Funny despite all there knowledge and advanced schooling they couldn't even give answers to the simplest questions such as, what exactly the risks were. They couldn't even give ball park figures such as around 80%. according to them it was never done so no stats existed.
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