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My 1st (8lb 4oz, 41 weeks, went on own) had shoulder distocia. Vaginal birth needed o2 causes she come out blue. Fine after a few moments. 2nd (9lb 5oz, 40 weeks 4 days, went in own) also shoulder distocia. Also vaginal birth, also need o2 for moments. 3rd went in at 39 weeks to try to avoid shoulder distocia. Went in on a Thursday did not have him till Saturday. Tried foley bulb, did not do much. Tried Cervidil, again not much. Tried poticen all day and not much. Had ultrasound Saturday morning found he was stuck on my my pubic bone. Had a c section Saturday after ultrasound. I would of ended up with a emergency c, his shoulders were 4 inches bigger than my other 2.
I did not have ultrasounds throughout any of my pregnancies.
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