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Re: Wishes for this pregnancy

Oh boy, do I ever!!! My pregnancy history is awful. Recurrent miscarriages, tons of preterm labor during every pregnancy, two preemies both IUGR babies, etc etc.

Since this baby and my last will be so close in age, I'm at a very high risk for another IUGR preemie. I honestly highly doubt I'll make it to Feb since my EDD is only 10 days into the month. Knowing my body, baby will be a January baby like I am which I'm fine with as long as we are 36+ around my birthday.

I can sit here and say I would love my pregnancy to be uneventful but that's wishful thinking on my part. It has already started to spin out of control so I'm just hoping I can hit each of my goals. First goal is to make it to 24 weeks.
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