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Re: How much does a months worth of forums cost?

Originally Posted by abunchoflemons View Post
I had wic with my oldest & got lots of like free on checks there on formula. I always bought & helped out friend with twins after I stoped using & had a lot left.
I was also going to mention WIC. Even if you're supplementing you can call them, and you'll be able to get some cans for free. We currently get 9 - 13 oz cans. And we can make it all month on that without having to buy any out of pocket. I'm sure that'll change as he gets older.. But they will also give you cereal, and baby food once your child turns 6 months. Plus you'll get checks for other things as your baby grows until they turn 5. Definitely something to look into!

You can also ask your child's pediatrician for samples of formula too! My lo's doctor even told us that if we run out of WIC cans to call and ask for samples to get us through until we can use our next check.

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