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Re: My ex is suing to drop child support

I know in my state child support enforcement is a lengthy process.
He could be ordered to pay X amount of support and if he does not pay X amount you would be able to file against him. Department of Revenue can do things such as make his license non renewable until he pays past due support, make it impossible to sign loans/leases/etc. on any type of asset/property, and things like that. After several complaints, sometimes you can return to court and get the judge to mandate that he either returns to school for higher education, gets a job, or participates in some other approved activity.
In some situations, child support dodgers can even serve jail time, but again, it would be a lengthy process before you got there.

Many states have free legal advice call lines. Try calling around and seeing what your state laws are. I understand my state is a bit strict.
You could also try Department of Revenue, as they should be the ones making most of the decisions on the case anyway.
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