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REDUCED!Whamies,blueberry,swaddlebees, bebe espresso, bg, sweetdollbaby, happy heinys

Okay, this is my first time selling so please pm me if I've left anything out. These all come from a smoke free dog friendly home but I'll do my best to make sure no hairs come your way. I will send inserts with any diapers but there's no guarantee they will be the original - but I will try, sorry! All diapers are in EUC, one size, and snaps unless described otherwise.

3 Minky Bebe espresso diapers. Giraffe, blue and orange dots, and cream. These were prepped and worn once. $8 $7each

3 whamies with hook closure, 2 blue and one green. $9 $8 each

4 blueberry deluxe. Blue, green, yellow and white. A couple have light shadow staining that I haven't tried removing and the blue one has a small tear at the pocket that has never caused any problems. $12 $10 for the other 3 and $10$8 for the blue

3 sweetdollbaby blue, green, and red. GUC for the blue and green...back elastic is stretched compared to the red which is VGUC. $5$4 each for the blue and green, $7 $6 for the red. would prefer to sell as a lot

6 bg hook and loop. $13 $11 each for the 2 with near perfect aplix (yellow and green). $12 $10 for the vguc aplix (orange) . $11 $9 for the 3 GUC aplix (blue, yellow, and white)

1 bg 4.0 in ribbit. Brand new but my dog got ahold of one of the snaps on one side - easy fix for a mama who has the materials/time/knows how. $7 -PENDING

1 small organic side snap swaddlebees. Vguc, yellow staining that I haven't really made any effort to remove. $10 $9

2 medium happy heinys. NIP - although they technically didn't come with any packaging. Green and brown camo $16 $14 each

Please ask as many questions as needed, as there are no returns.

If you feel my prices are off please mmaro! I may be up for trades, it's worth a try! And please pm rather than respond to the thread, things will go much quicker! Diapers are not considered pending until we have exchanged PayPal addys. Sorry mamas, I'm trying to get rid of these and don't want to miss an opportunity.


-----------------------------------------------------------SOLD BELOW-------------------------------------

2 prepped but never worn bg 4.0 in very pale green (sweet I think?) and blue. $15 each - SOLD

1 Minky blueberry green/brown/yellow dot, $12 - SOLD

1 swaddlebees green with blue snaps $11 SOLD

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