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Re: My ex is suing to drop child support

For his to go through I think he has to be current or yes mine lost his liscense but I'm not sure if my ex still tries to drive or not being so behind (10,000 plus). Same with pasports. I think judge will take into consideration all stuff in his name but it is hard if nothing there. Mine not have bank account anymore to levy which is another route ( even if conected to another). My ex chooses not to work but refunds can go to u for back support( I got some whether he files or not).csru in ny should help but takes 4ever & u got to b on them for everything. I was told he was going to court but they change people so my contact isn't valid no more. My fee is 25 unless title 19 recipient the last I knew. My sil has to pay 75 & she not works for 2 kids. If he's deamed ok by doc he is ordered to work. He can file when he isn't but that costs & if he starts making tons u can have it raised but lawyer gets it done faster. Its frustrating I know. I don't want to call when mine is around cuz she doesn't really know. Plus mine has another he prob not support too & state take that into account. My ex dad likes to do stuff in ex name & make lawyer fees go up 4 me.
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