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Re: Anyone get sick of the judgement?

Mamas are bad about constantly judging each other for EVERYTHING? WOHM? You must not love your kids... Formula Feed? You must be lazy and not care about their health. BF in public? Now your just being a pushy BF Nazi. Spank or don't spank? You're SOL either way. No matter what you do, SOMEONE things you're doing it wrong. Maybe they are not trying to judge, maybe they really just DON'T understand, or they really do mean they can't afford daycare. I try not to take comments said about someone's own choices as judgement unless they have that tone. You know the one I mean. There's a difference between, "Oh, we could never have afforded daycare with my pay, so I stay home" and "Well, WE simply COULDN'T afford daycare, so I was SO LUCKY to be able to stay home and PARENT MY children full time." ya know?
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