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Things you need to get

I went through my maternity & baby things today to find out what I need to be buying over the next few months. I do need maternity clothes and I am going out this evening to get some off of CL. I found that I will need some more baby clothes that are neutral as DH doesn't want to know what the sex is. I guess I am TEAM GREEN!

But I did find out what I need to get other than just clothes.
-Newborn & Small diaper covers (I only use pre-folds)
-Early Spring clothes
-Nursing bras
-baby socks

Big items:
-Diaper changing table (only because DH wouldn't like me changing on his side of the bed!)
-Crib mattress (already have the crib from DD)
-Car Seat
-Rocking infant seat (?)
-"Dresser" for baby. I get the big 5 drawer plastic drawers on wheels as it works quite nicely.

I must say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE CraigsList and Ebay. I guess now that I know about Diaperswappers, I can get the diaper covers here!

But the 2 things I HAVE to buy new are the car seat and crib mattress. I am good on getting everything else used. But those 2 I just cannot buy used.

How about you all? Anyone else getting ready even though the 2nd trimester just started?
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