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Re: How Preemie Moms Are Chosen

Thanks for posting.. I was blessed with 4 preemies.. all 4 with special needs, and now that my babies are 6,5,3,and 2 (in 10 days).. I realize for reasons unknown to me God had a plan when he gave me my 4 little blessings. It was my youngest that restored my faith and brought me back to Christ when He brought my son back from death and healed his brain injury (complete abruption, lost over half his blood volume, born with no heartrate or respirations, 13+ minutes of CPR, and the last minute thought of a wonderful nurse to give him saline injections to increase his blood volume just long enough to get him down the hall to NICU where he could get a lifesaving transfusion of universal (O-) donor blood! Later diagnosed with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopothy and given a poor prognosis (would never walk, talk, eat by mouth, etc).. and on Aug 30th baby E. Lazarus will be a happy, relatively healthy 2 yo who walks, is trying to talk (he says MAMA!!!!) and just started eating solids by mouth!

NOW I KNOW why God gave me not 1.. but 4 precious special needs preemies
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