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Originally Posted by SativaStarr
3ladybugs: Your referring to the Soothie line Unfortunately you can't find the preemie kind anymore because CMV stopped selling them to anyone except hospitals.. you might be able to find one on ebay if you search for wee soothie. The wee thumbie is the micropreemie pacifier.

I tried the binkies (above) with my 5 lb 34 weeker and she gagged on it. Nearly 6 years ago Hawaii Medical still sold the preemie gumdrop paci online to consumers and it saved us!
Yes I had to go to the hospital to ask them for the wee soothie (the purple one) the lady was so nice she gave me 3. She took them about 2 times then started gagging again until I found these playtex ones pictured above.

Just another FYI the wee soothie and the regular green soothie are the same length just the width of the nipple is thinner.
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