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Re: Different price, same diaper

Originally Posted by Tami View Post
Some WAHM's do charge a custom fee, it's probably not the norm but it's definitely not something shady. More work goes into creating customs considering the correspondence, etc.

Originally Posted by Rdesonia View Post
If it is in stock diaper... it should not be considered a custom. I have seen an increase of Wahms offering a selection of choices of unmade items where you pick fabric selections etc. I could see paying $1 or $2 more to tinker with their instock fabric & instock snap colors/same design/same sizing but it is not a "true" custom. It doesn't add that much time to the making of the item and customers usually have to wait 2 weeks. I think there is a difference between U pick & a Custom. (If it has the option to add ruffles or appliques... I could see charging more as that does increase time/costs)
Yeah, the biggest thing for me personally, is it does take longer- from correspondence to adding it into your schedule on top of stocking diapers and other projects. That time spent is valuable, so I can understand where she may be coming from, but I do think $5 more is a little bit much on a single diaper.

Originally Posted by bcarroll9494 View Post

IMO, $5 extra for a "custom" sounds high...... but Tami is right, it may be the same process to make the diaper but the extra work/time is true.

When you are making up a "stocking" all the choices are yours and you can go about the process in assembly line fashion without waiting for anyone to confirm detail desires before you move on to the next step. When you are doing a custom sometimes you have to wait hours or days to get a note back from the buyer about what "X" option they wanted. Spending time answering e-mails can seem little - but I often look up at the clock and notice I've been composing an e-mail for more than 20 minutes or so..... (going downstairs to see if I have X fabric left, or surfing the web for links to included in the e-mail, etc...)

Even if you asked for exactly the same diaper you saw in that stocking (so back and forth emails for details won't be required) ....... your WAHM is still might not have the benefit of doing your project in assembly line fashion with several similar diapers.

My husband once asked me what takes up the most time in my process. He thought I might say cutting or applying snaps...... but I replied, without delay..."GETTING EVERYTHING OUT AND PUTTING IT BACK AGAIN!" So whether I am doing one diaper or twelve, the clean up might be the same!
Not all of us WAHMs have fabulous home studios where we can shut the doors on our projects. We have to straighten up the living room or kitchen table, or pile of fabric at the top of the stairs - before the end of the day.
This ^^^ could not have been explained any better. Agree 100%.
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