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Re: gDiapers...M... Cloth inserts, snap in liners

sorry for the delayed response... i was out of town attending a funeral.

the picture attached is not accurate as to the covers i have left. (that was taken to show all the diapers i was selling, but have since sold a lot of the colored ones.)

The only Medium covers i have left are orange and vanilla.
I have:
(2) orange...(1) is faded…$9ppd/ea
(4) vanilla...(2) could use new Velcro… (1) has missing g sticker and could use new Velcro… I have the Velcro, you just need to replace it…$7ppd/ea

I can double check on the condition of the elastic on the liners tonight when i get home, but if i remember correctly they were in good shape.

Let me know if you are interested in these diapers. If you are, we can definitely work out a good price for selling them as a lot.

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