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Re: When did you put your child in a front faceing car seat & size question

DS has a great view out the back and side windows. He tells me about all the things he sees as we go by. He can tell where we are if it's a familiar place. The props his legs up on the back of the seat or sits frogged. He would tell me if he was uncomfortable, he doesn't keep those kind of things to himself .

As far as leg injuries, there are no documented cases of broken legs because of rear facing. Broken legs are one of the most common injuries to forward facers though. In a frontal collision (the most common) everything is going to fly toward the front of the vehicle (point of impact). In most cases, that means that the knees of the rear facer are going to be thrown up and back toward the torso which will not cause injury to them. It is very well illustrated in this video: . For the forward facing child, their legs will be thrown forward, potentially striking the seat in front of them and their head will be thrown forward as well which is why it's so important to tether a forward facing seat as well as tighten the straps properly so the child's head does not strike the seat in front of them.
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