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OS Little Boppers (Magic Mushrooms)

OS Little Boppers fitteds, EUC: prints are Gray/Black Stripe (black OBV inner), Magic Mushrooms (butter yellow OBV inner), and Umbrellas on Gray (navy OBV inner). Fits 7-40 lbs. No stains or issues.
$22PPD each - Mushrooms is available, Gray/Black Stripe and Umbrellas are sold

Little Boppers inners

Little Boppers snap configuration

Each Little Boppers fitted has a newborn snap-in soaker that can be used alone or attached to the main snap-in soaker. The snap-in belly buffer covers any exposed snaps for the larger rise setting.

***SOLD below***

OS Guerilla Fluff Utilitarian fitteds, EUC: the ultimate night-time diaper. Snap colorways are Candy Necklace, Blue Raz Ice, Juicy Pear, and Pop Rocks. Fits 9-35+ lbs. The tabs are T&T instead of the usual serged pictured on the website. Only Juicy Pear has signs of wear, discussed in detail below.
$28PPD each, $24PPD for Juicy Pear - all 4 sold

XL Sustainablebabyish OBF fitteds, EUC: snaps & serging color is Galactic (dark purple from Spring 2011). Sloomb sizing says XL fits 32 lbs+ but it fit my chunky, tall girl around 29 lbs when she outgrew the L. No stains or issues.
$22PPD each - all 4 sold

Size 2 Earth, Mom & Baby Bumboo SNAP fitted, new: blue snaps, super soft bamboo/silk terry. Fits 10-35lbs. Genius design (I already have 12 of these and love them!) is different than most fitteds so I put a photo tutorial at the bottom of this listing. Never used or washed.
$18PPD - sold


Guerilla Fluff - Blue Raz Ice and Candy Necklace

Guerilla Fluff - Pop Rocks and Juicy Pear

Each Utilitarian fitted is 3 layers of OBF with a 6 layer snap-in soaker, a 2 layer snap-in booster, and a 3 layer lay-in doubler. Each also has a fleece liner--the liners with Pop Rocks and Blue Raz are the print pictured below, Candy Necklace and Juicy Pear have cream-colored fleece liners.

Juicy Pear has a faint stain on the doubler and a small hole near the leg.

Sbish inners

Each Sbish OBF has a 2 part snap-in soaker + a lay-in doubler.

Bumboo inner

Bumboo tutorials


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