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Re: Anyone get sick of the judgement?

Originally Posted by Lilybug1 View Post
Yea, I definitely don't like the judgment thing. I think sometimes the whole " I don't make enough to cover day care costs," is partly justifying their own decision to stay home. Women/moms in general are getting judged and feel like they are getting judged for everything, so I think the justification has a defensive tone to it. There's a book called the Feminine Mistake and addresses this economic argument a bit. It basically says that the money you are losing while being out of the workforce is not just the money you are not earning during those childrearing years, but the ability to return to work and make a decent income when those childrearing years have passed. Not really passing judgment one way or the other, but just saying that there is more to the economics than the here and now. But if you want to stay home and your family can afford it, more power to you!

If the choice were mine to make I would stay home. Even if I wanted to go to work though it is not an excuse when I say we cannot afford for me to work. After paying child care, uniforms, gas money, car payments for the second vehicle we would need, added insurance and other misc expenses incurred from working I would actually be losing money to go to work. I added it up and during the summer it would cost me after my check was gone an additional $150. A month to work. This cost would go up in January when the hospital changes to the new building because then we would need another vehicle. Right now I could walk but then it will be about 5-6 miles away. I am not walking that distance both ways.

To be terribly honest I just want to make it through right now. Tomorrow can take care of itself. Even if this means my earning potential decreases fir the future. Of what concern is it to me what I may or may not earn in 20 years if I cannot make the bills today? I refuse to pay for the privilege of working even though I did love my job. It was the best job I have held. But as I said it didn't really matter what I preferred.

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