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Re: Anyone get sick of the judgment?

I wasn't actually saying that argument holds water in every situation. I was just mentioning the book which makes an economic argument for women continuing in the workplace outside of the workplace.

It seems that in your case, you have a concrete idea of how much you would make outside of the home. In the case of my SIL, I seriously doubt she's looked into the issue of working and so when she says these things, it just doesn't ring true. Before she had kids, they had enough money for luxury cars and vacations and now suddenly it's not enough to cover daycare. Mind you, the kids are in part-time daycare even though she stays home.

Listen, I think if you want to stay home with your kids and you can, you should. I think if it really doesn't make sense for you to work from a financial standpoint and it only further your goal to stay home, that's great too. But I do think that *sometimes* people use it as an *excuse*, not that you need an excuse to stay home with your children. I guess that is what irks me in *some* cases, you know, make your decisions then own them. There is no need for false rationalizations, etc.

NOT saying your reasoning/rationalization is false, but saying that in some cases, they are.
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