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Re: Anyone get sick of the judgement?

I've gotten that feeling/rude comments, and sometimes I self-impose that judgment on myself when I hear other moms state that being SAHM is the most wonderful gift they can give their child, yadda yadda. Funny though, its mostly from mamas on here and not my IRL friends.

I'm the first to admit that being a SAHM is NOT for me. I enjoy my job (even if its with other people's kids) and my kids LOVE their daycare and preschool and are quite social, well adjusted, etc. Also, I'm the primary bread winner (I make double my DH's salary and he's full time too) so I have no choice but to work and we wouldn't be able to afford to have one of us stay home.

No advice, just My way of dealing is just rolling my eyes and remembering that each family is different and each family has to make their own choice whether it be because of finances, life choices or what is simply best for their family. You're doing the best for your children and that's all that counts and I fully support you either way.
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