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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by garness View Post
what do I do? My spouse will not hear a word I say about my desire to not circumcise our son. He is blatantly for doing it. And he has no good reason either. I can't say a word against it without him talking about being dirty and the like. He is over 40 years old and so is from this mindset. He is a very stubborn man and will not open his mind or do any research. What do I do?
In our house I am definitely the researcher but if dh wants to "challenge" me on something he beast to research and be able to backup his opinion. As had the Circ talk at the beginning of each pregnancy although it ended up being a moot argument since we had 3 girls. But all 3 times ge was pro circa and all 3 times I told him I was happy to consider his stance as long as he could support it. But I refused to bend on my opinions just because he wanted a boy to "look like him". I needed good firm reasons..
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