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FSOT: kawaii’s, sunbaby’s, b4’s, thirsties fab fitted, PnP, the eli monster, and flee

This is my first time posting on here, so I’m sorry if I miss anything. Please feel free to PM me if you want any more details/pictures and I will be happy to post them or send them over to you. I’ve never sold on a swap before, so I tried my best to price things in comparison with what they normally list for. Anything I purchased off the swap I used maybe once or twice and will list based on what I got them for…

After 8 months of CDing, we finally know exactly what works for us so it is time to destash and buy more of what we love. Unless otherwise noted, dipes were bought new by me and used in a large rotation. I will do my best to describe them in detail. We wash in Tide Original powder and have a Chihuahua pup but she doesn’t really go near baby or dipes, though I will certainly look over them for any stray hairs. I can ship same day if you catch me early enough in the day, otherwise I will ship next day.

I am ISO paypal, onesize or size M bottombumpers, size 2 applecheeks + inserts, and grasshopper dipes… you can also try me on BGEs depending on color.

I have a lot of 12 kawaii’s. Each dipe comes with 2 MF inserts. I would like to sell them in lots of at least 2. 2 for 12ppd. 6 for 34ppd. Take the dozen for 65ppd.Sold

2 bububebe/b4 all-in-twos. GIRAFFES AND OOGA BOOGA. OOGA BOOGA SOLD These were purchased new by me and only a handful of times. I am just not crazy about the fit on my guy. The soakers can be tucked in like an all in one or left out like an all in two. No stains, EUC. Comes with the three-layers of B4 snap-in soakers. These run $28-32. Asking 24ppd or both for 46ppd for both.

“Blueberries” fitted. No tag but that’s how it was sold to me on here. Pretty much exactly like the old B4s. No tag on it. Paid 16 for it on the swap… in very loved/used condition with some holes. Missing the biggest soaker, has the other two. Would take 14ppd for it OBO…

PrimmNProper snapless fitted. 14ppd.SOLD

2 Eli Monster AIO’s – Size M, fits 10-23 lbs. Purchased new by me and used a handful of times. Tag on the red is frayed, as pictured. Probably best to just cut it off. Retails for 20. Asking 15ppd for the red and 17ppd for skulls.

Eli Monster cover. Purchased new. Washed and used once or twice. Good swim dipe. Size M. Paid 16.50. Asking 12ppd.

Thirsties Fab fitted. Size 2. Used MAYBE 3 times. I just cannot stand microfiber. 15ppd.

Econobum covers. Purchased new by me. EUC. 5ppd or take all 3 for 13ppd.

Fleece longies purchased off here from I believe the mama that made them. 5ppd. Still fit my guy at 21 lbs. I would say they are between a small and medium.

Blueberry Pocket + MF insert. Purchased new by me. EUC. 10ppd. SOLD

Swaddlebees Pocket + 1 insert. Purchased new by me. Minky/velour inner. Some pilling on outer fabric. 7ppd.

5 swaddlebees size L inserts. 6ppd.

6 Sunbaby dipes. Bought new by me, in EUC. No stains. Includes a MF insert. There is another black on in a diamond print not pictured. I will add a pic of it later. 7ppd each or the whole lot for 38ppd. Cream zoo, argyle, and squares sold. remaining 5 for 32ppd. 4 of the 5 diapers come with bamboo doublers.

Thanks for looking, mamas!

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