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Originally Posted by AcrossTheUniverse
My guess is that they will at least calculate his income at minimum wage since he does have the potential to work and just chooses not to (it does depend on the judge, but this is what happened in my case). Obviously, though, if he isn't working/getting unemployment there is a possibility he just won't be able to pay anything, regardless of what is ordered.
Oh I'm well aware of not getting paid even when an order is in place (currently experiencing that). I just think it would be unfair to lower it (and reward him) for choosing not to work. It's not my fault he doesn't have a job, but it means I'll have to pick up his slack and that's not fair to me when there are months I barely get by as it is. He is not, by any means, struggling. It just frustrates me because if I chose not to work and to stay home with my DD, he wouldn't be required to pay more support....but I could be required to receive less because he doesn't want to work?
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