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Welcome to our family, Fletcher!!

Name: Fletcher William
Born: Monday August 13th 12:11pm (due Aug 22)
Weight: 8lbs 3oz

I woke up a little after midnight on Monday morning with a feeling that something was up. Sure enough, by 1am I was feeling contractions that just seemed a little different. Totally manageable, I dozed off as much as I could, but I was feeling that anticipatory excited feeling of "maybe this is it" and they were consistently 20 minutes apart for the next couple hours. We called the midwife some time after 3 just to give her the heads up because last time things all of a sudden went REALLY fast, so she said as soon as I was sure that I should call.

The rest of the night went by really slowly. I kept expecting things to escalate quickly (having had a VERY fast labor with dd), but it didn't. By about 5am I was actually feeling really disappointed because I felt like I'd kept myself, and hubbie (who woke because of me being restless)up all night. Ds woke up at 7 and I got up with him to get breakfast because things were still very manageable, but about 8 minutes apart at that point. Half an hour later, the intensity of the contractions picked up and our midwife called to check on me. I told her things were still progressing so she went ahead and called her second (who lives about 2 hours away) and said she was going to come over in about half an hour to get things set up.

It was kind of weird to be in labor in the daytime with the sun shining in the windows and two kids running around like it was an ordinary morning.

I paced around the kitchen/living room until about 11 or so and then felt very ready to move upstairs to the bedroom. My midwife asked if I wanted to get in the tub or shower and I thought that sounded good. It was nice to be in the water taking some of the gravity pressure off between contractions. I knew though that as soon as I got out, it would be really intense so I stayed as long as I felt I could. Sure enough, just standing up to get out of the tub was enough to bring on the first "almost need to push" contraction. Hubbie helped me out of the tub and over to the bed. I was right into transition now so I had that tunnel vision and just kept telling myself "almost done, almost done" in between contractions.

My body started pushing and my water finally broke, after which I got a little breather... and during which I heard my midwife say that the head is right there. There was a tiny bit of cervix left and she put on a warm compress. Then there were two hard pushing contractions and I felt the baby moving down and out. It was head, shoulders, and out all at once.

And there he was! I turned and picked up our new baby boy! I remember thinking right away that he looked so much bigger than the others did! I looked up at hubbie and he had tears in his eyes. I'm sure I was grinning like crazy as we had both really been hoping for another boy! Ds and dd (who had been being cared for by a friend downstairs while all this was going on) came running up when they heard baby cry. Neither were quite sure what to think but more curious than concerned. Although, after we were cleaned up a bit, ds did ask our midwife if mommy needed "a new bum" and if that "grey stuff" was coming off the baby.

So, all in all, a very normal labor and birth... which is exactly what we were hoping for after the last two vastly different ones! The tearing was minimal in spite of how quickly the actual birth happened and everything else seems great so far. He's a big snuggler, sleeps a lot, and does NOT like to be changed or cold at all!

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