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Re: I need a mixer!

Well shoot. I ended up getting the KA Classic Plus from Kohls. I got a good deal on it and was super excited about it! Now...not so much. Do any of you guys with a KA make butter in your mixers? How long does it take? With my hand mixer it would take me about 20-30 minutes. This morning I dumped my cream into my new shiny KA, turned it on and let it go. And go. I ate breakfast, went to the mailbox, read part of a book...and it was just barely getting to the whipped cream stage. It had been an hour! So I put the bowl in the fridge (had to do some stuff away from the kitchen). I thought maybe the flatbeater was the wrong one, so I tried the wisk one and left if on while I washed dishes and by the time I finished all my dishes I still didn't have butter, but the KA started feeling pretty warm to the touch. So the thing is going to have to go back to Kohl's...and I'm still here with out a mixer.

P.S. Any idea of what you can do with cream that has been beaten for an hour and a half? It's thick and foamy, but not buttery. Could I still make ice cream with it?
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