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Vent only-Everything sucks

Work sucks, the nanny isn't working out, dh is being a butt, the kids watch too much tv (yes the nanny put my 10 week old in front of Finding Nemo- the ONLY movie I told her the 4 year old couldn't watch and actually put on the top shelf so he couldn't find it), my house is not so clean anymore, we've been late two out of three days that we actually got to attend ds's new preschool and missed the first week because of a virus, and work sucks. Sucks so bad.

I was supposed to get to go to night classes instead of working during the day and I'm pissed off because it didn't happen and I think it's ruining everything else for me. I think what makes me even madder is the reason I'm not is because we are "undermanned" at work. While all of my (15 people!) co-workers seem to be playing games on their phones or "shooting the breeze" while I try to catch up on 8 weeks worth of everyone's job.

Please don't quote me, I know I"ll be deleting this but needed to get it out. I think I"m calling for some counseling tomorrow to help me work through the anger before I start taking it out on people who don't deserve it.
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