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guess i'll be babysitting my own kid

x and i have a 2 week on/off split for ds2. this has worked really well for us the last 3 years. he goes to school full time and his sister has been watching ds2 the last 2 years. well now that she has a 3rd kid and her sister living with her she can no longer take ds2 due to no room in her car

x told me that i had to take him and basically he wanted me to only have ds2 overnights on 2 weekends of the month and since i would have him 5 days a week that he would just take him home with him and drop him off here every day. um no way jose, i told him i wanted my 2 weeks but i would be willing to let him have my second weekend. thankfully that was acceptable to him and we were able to reach a compromise without drama

we homeschool so its good that i will have him here with me to ensure that his education isnt being neglected.
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