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Didymos Flamingo Indio 5 $110

I bought way too many wraps, gotta get it back to the 15 carrier limit I agreed to with DH so before my little girl gets here and I get attached I am listing them! They are shipping from Canada, shipping to the US and Canada is include, prices are in USD and include pp fees.

I havent seen any pulls or broken threads on these but like everyone else I am human and could have missed something. I also bought all these wraps this pregnancy, YDS isnt being worn anymore and Im only 5.5 months pregnant so I have no personal experience with these carriers, I can comment on how I think it will be (supportive wise based on the feel) but I really dont know since I haven't actually used them. I just bought way too many and I need to cut down

Flamingo Indio Size 5, its soooo soft. I may chicken out on this one. 100% cotton. $120ppd

eta - Ill do my best to ship within 24 hours, we are often away on the weekends though so may not be able to ship until Monday.


Purple Fabula Hungarica, Size 7. 30% linen.SOLD

Silk Puder/Powder size 2. 30% silk. SOLD

Gecko Sand size 4, bought new, washed it, ironed it but never used it. 100% cotton. SOLD

Chocolate Ellipsen, Size 5. 100% cotton. on payment plan

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