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5 Tester spots FFS

I have recently opened a new Etsy store and haven't seen a lot of interest yet. I am opeining up 5 spots free for a $2.00 shipping fee. Each spot can purchase 1 item from my etsy store and will recieve a coupon code for 100% off the purchase price. In return I am looking for an email within 1 week of delivery with an evaluation of:
1.Overall Product Satisfaction
3.Regular Price

I would also like to build feedback for my items!
Please send me a PM if you would like to be a tester for my products. Please have a minimum of 5 feedbacks and 200 posts.

You can view my store through here:
Wildflower Children's Boutique
-Rionna- Mom of Taylor Born 09/07, Makayla Born 10/10 and Liam Born 04/16
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