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Re: Under 2 years apart?

Originally Posted by lovebabies View Post
My first two are 16 mo apart, and #2 and #3 are 17 mo apart. I love the spacing! Having two under two was really not bad at all. We hung out in the living room a lot for the first few months (we gated off the whole thing so it was a safe area for my 16 mo when I had a NB). She could play and I would sit in my big chair and nurse and talk to her. The best thing that happened was the baby got on the same nap routine because I'd put #1 down for a nap and then take #2 to bed with me and take a nap. So they've napped at the same time since birth, basically. I'm doing the same thing with #3 also, and it helps because I have a little chance to nap or fold laundry or something. I'd encourage you to get a good carrier for the baby so you can be hands free around the house, and only have one kid to have to hang onto when you're out.

You can do it, mama! Just take it one day at a time, and you'll find what works best for your family. Fwiw, I think it actually got easier for me having two than one because they could entertain each other!
Hopefully your kids nap for a long time too, op! My older two stopped napping (on their own) around 15 months. The baby still haps at 18 months, which is AMAZING! They all went down to one nap at around 9 months too (when they started walking),.
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