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Differnces between parents' homes

How do you deal with major differences between you and your child's other parent's homes? Me and X have vastly different ways of life- he sits ds in front of a tv or his leapster the entire time he's there, and I don't do tv and the Leapster here is only for long car rides. He feeds him nothing but Macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets and cereal, and I cook real food. I can't say any other differences, because those are the only things ds talks about doing, and by his dad's own admission that's about all he does. We have a Wii, which hasn't been played in a week or so (I'm trying to wean him off of it) and when we took a look at it, it won't turn on.
So I have a broken Wii, which I was going to sell, a ds that has been screaming for over an hour about wanting to be with his dad cuz he can watch tv and eat cheese (he's sensitive to dairy, btw), and I've shut myself in my room to count to 100 or so and figure out how to handle this.

What do you do in these situations?
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