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Originally Posted by dreamingoffireflies

Do you have ideas for how to keep an under 2 year old busy while nursing without resorting to tv? What if they are really active (climbing things, etc) while you're stuck on the couch?
Well, my oldest is a girl, so she was pretty happy playing on the floor with her baby dolls, reading books, etc. My second is a boy, and he's much more active and a climber! He has his big sister to play with though, so he's not completely on his own. He has a little people racetrack that he runs cars on, and that keeps him occupied for awhile, as well as a little ride-on car with all kinds of bells and whistles that he can use in the living room. We don't have tv, and I try really hard to not have them watching movies all the time, so I totally get your question. One thing I'd recommend is maybe having some little "training sessions" now before the LO is here to teach him to respond to your voice if you say, "get down" or "come here". You could also have a box of toys that he only gets while you're nursing so they hold his interest. I would also sing song to my kids sometimes, even make up songs with lots of motions that they could do with me (clap, jump, dance, etc.). And honestly, our gate configuration was a life saver...I have two superyards, and they fence in the whole living room around the couches and main furniture, but keep the kids away from the computer desk, fireplace, etc. It's like the whole living room was a big play pen.
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