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Re: Differnces between parents' homes

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
I have a bonus child who more recently has spent far more time at school and with his mother. Our home and her home could NOT be any different. He just turned 6yo and for the most part he just realizes that this is our home and when he is at this home(since he is lucky enough to have 2) that we do things a certain way. Don't get me wrong he has gotten a little irritated because we don't drink koolaid and soda all day. But thems the breaks kid. Are you able to talk to his father at all? I think it is important to have appropriate expectations. As hard as that is. If the child is safe, fed, and having their hygiene needs met you have to just let it go
Yes, his father and I are on speaking terms, and get along fairly well, I think. I know that's just how it is going to be, I'm just not sure how to handle it with ds. Even worse, when I offer to let his dad have him extra time, it's always a no. He doesn't want holidays or split vacation times, and if ds has anything to do on his weekends, he'll just give up the visit and doesn't want to make up the time.
It's hard on a little boy, and in turn, hard on me.
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