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Emerson is four weeks old today! It seems like his birth was much longer ago than that. We love having our little guy here.

He still has thrush, despite five different treatments his doctor (who is also my midwife) had us try, from homeopathic to medication. We are now on a second medication--I am taking it with the hopes that enough will get into his system. Otherwise, he will have to take it, and I really want to avoid that if possible. But I sure want this yeast to go away!

Fortunately, the thrush has not affected his weight gain. He eats well and is now up a pound and two ounces from birth weight. I can't believe he is over ten pounds now!

I did not babywear with our daughter much until she was five months old because she really didn't like it until then, but I wear Emerson almost all day. I love having my cuddle bug close.

I am sooooo thankful that my tailbone is gradually getting a little better! I had acupuncture with electrical stimulation last Friday, and I have seen improvement since then. I am so encouraged by that.

Three days ago DD seemed to finally come to terms with her new brother and suddenly switched from angry, tantruming child back to her generally happy self. What a relief!!! We are all much happier for it.
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