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Re: labor in contacts vs. glasses

Originally Posted by bigmamakelsey View Post
I never understood why hospitals won't let you wear lenses..I wore my contacts for both of my home births and didn't have any issues.
They won't know if you don't tell them

But I wonder if its due to the possibility of being put to sleep- are they afraid they'll get lost or stuck in your eyes? Is that possible?

Ok, Dr. Google to the rescue (justa quick search mind you):

"Q:Why can't I wear contacts?
A:Wearing contacts during surgery may cause corneal abrasions."

I also found this:
"Yes,they should not be worn during any surgical procedure as the eye is an indication of brain function.Conscious state can be gauged very accurately by observation of the constriction and dilation of the eye.
All neurological observations include observations of the eye,size of pupil and if it reacts to light,this shows medicos that brain function is present.
The optic nerve is connected to the brain.
It has nothing to with liability,but with the status of your health during surgery and post anesthetic."

and then lots of things that said it's just a liability issue so you can't sue on the rare case your eyes have problems afterwards. Covering their butts like usual!

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